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Gameplay Pitch – Clu Clu Land



Clu Clu Land, NES is a action-puzzle game where you take control of Bubbles, a small fish that has to “draw” the figure on screen by collecting the gold bars while being careful of not falling into a pit or getting touched by a fluffy blue monster. It is an ageless game, with not a particular age in mind; it’s from 3 to 100 years old. This game has appeared has a mini game in other recent games.


  • Two player mode is co-op only, and we all know that games are always successful if they incorporate a battle system or a versus system, in a game the objective is winning, and bringing the feeling of competition increases adrenaline and it will bring more audience, especially the competitive people. My pitch will improve the game bringing a new experience to player with a versus mode, widening the range of people interested in it, because people like challenges, and especially being able to brag to their friends that they are better. Winning against the CPU is fun, but don’t you like sitting next to your friend and feeling proud that you are superior…? The lack of competitiveness can be a reason to stop playing a game, with this implementation there will always be a reason to come back to it.
  • The minor problem are the rubber bands, in some levels if you get stuck in them you take too long to get out of it, this new gameplay will provide a solution and a way to destroy them temporarily as well as monsters. When you are stuck in those Rubber bands it seems like a dead end and you lose a great amount of time, because the game does not provide the best responsiveness, this pitch will provide the solution.


When you finish a video game, depending on the game you decide to go back to it, or leave it until you have nostalgia…

  • The two player mode is basically the same as the player 1 mode, you play against the computer, and the finish line is the same, you have to complete all Gold-drawings or puzzles to complete the game, once that is done, it can be quite repetitive and it’s basically the same, playing alone or with a friend. The addition of competition, Player 1 vs. Player 2, has replay value, because you will want to come back to the game and play against your friend to see who is the best, this is the key element that you need to play it all over again, and jumping into another mode loses the repetitiveness feeling. If at the end of co-op mode you have nothing to do, you will change the game on your console! If you have another option, you will keep playing, bringing a larger audience into the game.

Are there any small problems, like the rubber band that make you want to throw your controller out of the window and sell your game out of irritation? This would be the solution….

  • When you get stuck in two rubber bands and you see time dropping and you are bouncing off the two rubber bands, this gets on your nerves because the fact that the game sometimes hasn’t got a good response to movement, you can’t get out of that bouncing, if there is a solution to destroy the rubber bands or to go through them or knowing where they are, I bet you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in them, because you would ultimately have some options instead of just timing perfectly the movement to get out of that bouncing…



v  For problem one implementing a versus mode, Tetris style, you would have the same basic elements as in co-op or solo mode, but you would need to work faster and draw your gold figure faster than your opponent to win, and there would be options such as first one to win 2 or 3 games would win the match. In this competitiveness mode, buttons would be the same, however I’d implement two different power-ups, one that would affect directly your opponent by freezing his screen for a few seconds, and another one that would destroy some parts of the drawing. The screen would be divided in two, the drawings smaller and Bubbles would be faster, rising the adrenaline between the two players. In this game you basically play with the shooting button and the D-Pad, you would be able to shoot at your opponent, even from the different “screen”, the “bullets” would continue their progress in the direction of the opponents screen, with the possibility of hitting your opponent.

v  The other button, which is basically for nothing in the game, implementing a use of power-ups in that button, so the player could choose and strategize when he would use them, selecting the precise moment to unleash hell on their opponents, instead of just collecting the power-up on screen and activating at that precise moment.

v  For problem two, the idea would be to implement that second button option of adding the use of “stored” Power-ups so that the player could use them at the time they decide instead of just collecting them and having them activated immediately. Furthermore for the destruction of the Rubber Bands or the direct destruction of monsters, implement a “super shooting” mode by holding down the button for 5 seconds, would facilitate those struggles of being bouncing off the rubber bands, but that 5 seconds would still be a small punishment of being trapped.

v  (Blue Monsters have to be frozen with a shooting and then pushed against a wall to be destroyed)

v  Making the possibility of having two new power-ups, either one to see for a few seconds their location and then disappearing, or another one that would destroy the rubber bands: These could be achieved after destroying 10 monsters, and 15 respectively.


In conclusion, these implementations would bring two important things: being a puzzle game, people sometimes get bored once they finish them, adding competitiveness would add replay value, thus a more addictive game. The addition of power-ups and the time use by pressing the button left free on the game, would add a element of strategy, making the game a bit more complex attracting people who consider the game to be too simplistic and with little options.


Gonçalo Pereira


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