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Ludo Variation



I had an interesting assignment, where we had to pick a game based on chance and we had to make a twist so the players have to make a meaningful choice that will affect the outcome of the game.

I’ve chosen the game Ludo. A game made entirely of chance, where you have to get your four pawns out of your house, go around the board. Now how could we change the rules or mechanic to had some control to the game? How can we add some meaningful choices?

My idea involves a 3 round system, with points. This might sound too complicated in such a simple game, but my idea is simple, the more pawns you have on your house, the more points you win if you get them successfully around the board. For example, those who play with 4 pawns (max) if they successfully put the pawns in the final panel before the others, they get more points (let’s say 100). If you choose to play with 3 and win, 75 points, If you choose to play with 2, 50 points. Finally, if you play with 1, 25 points

Another rule, to add constraints of course, would be the dice rolls to get the pawn out of the house. If you have only 1 pawn you’d have to roll a six, two pawns, 5 or 6, 2 pawns a 3 to six and playing the maximum number of pawns, 2 and above would be enough to get out of the house.

These elements add difficulties to the game, you can play with less pawns (more difficult to get out of the house, theoretically easier to finish the game because you have less pawns, but fewer points at the end).

At the end of the 3 rounds, the player with maximum number of points would win the game. Now these rules and constraints give us the element of choice! You have to make a meaningful decision or action, which is, how many pawns am I going to play with? You will need to strategize because you will play three rounds! You will you decide to go for maximum number of pawns to try and hit 100 points? Or will you prefer to play with fewer pawns, try to get to the finish line faster even if it implies lesser points?

You have to make a decision, a meaningful decision, a action that will affect the outcome of the game and the strategy of all the players.

Thank you for reading,

Gonçalo Pereira

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