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Why be a Designer?

After digging into my soul to look for the answer I realized that I want to be a game designer due to various factors but the main one is: I want to put on screen what my imagination tells me. You may say, “well, why games and not movies?” The answer to that question is simple: Games are a type of media that give you the freedom to do anything you can imagine and it has no boundaries.

The fact that I’ve been playing video games since I was a child, encouraged it of course, but I don’t want to make games because I like playing them. I want to design games because I want to share my imagination, my Worlds, my characters and fantasies with everyone.  I know that I’m getting into a risky business where uncertainty is very common, but my passion and dedication to this field it’s what pushes me forward every single day. I have confidence and the potential to go very far in the industry and I’ve set personal goals for my career (one of them is opening my own studio), and when I think about my goals and how I want to be someone that is recognized in the industry, it fills me with motivation to proceed even though I’m entering a job market that is very difficult to succeed, too few jobs for far too many people but that does not frighten me.

I can picture myself working at a game company and doing extra hours and be under the stress of tight schedules because I believe that when you do something that you love and motivates you, it is no longer work, it’s passion and fun. Of course there are many adversities but at the end of the day, the fulfillment you will have by seeing something that you accomplished in your field, through hard work, dedication sweat and tears will be worth it.

My main concern is whether I’ll be good enough or not to break in the industry, and in the economic situation that the World is living, in general, will I be sufficiently paid for the amount of work that I will put into it. It Getting a job, is my main concern, because the rest, I tend to “go with the flow” and I’m not worried If I will work in an Indie or major company, because as long as I break into the industry I believe I have the potential to go very far and design my own games and make a name for myself in the industry.

I don’t mind relocating, because we all know that game industry professionals have the tendency to move very often from a place to another to work on a new project, but being someone that likes to travel, and doesn’t mind moving from time to time, I won’t feel pressured by that side of the industry. I would prefer a stable job, but if that’s not possible, it is not a problem: I just want to design games. I want to build experiences for the audiences that made a difference in their lives and feel like I may even have set a new standard for a certain type of games. I’m fully conscious that I will have to work hard and that there will certainly be setbacks at certain moments, but at the end, If I can achieve my goals, it will all be worth it.

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