This King does not abdicate the Crown

Mario Kart is out for 11 days, and I have been so much fun with it. Nintendo made a great work on this Mario Kart, a perfect mix between speed, power-ups, gameplay and visuals.


This game as a lot of potential, and now that Nintendo is investing in download content I hope some flaws can be corrected:


– All bowser minions sometimes feel a bit redundant as well as the babies – We have confirmation that the figures will work on Mario Kart, let’s see if it’s the only option or if downloadable content will be an option too.

– I like to play with the Pro Controller, not having any data on screen like the mini-map is troublesome.

– Too easy to unlock all characters

– When you fall from the track, Lakitu saves you way too fast, doesn’t give the impression of punishment.

– Online modes are scarce



+ Great balance between items

+ Extremely well tuned / modified retro tracks, allowing for the new gameplay below water, gliding and anti-gravity.

+ Easy to Power-Slide, for newcomers this is a great feature.

+ Large Customization options

+ Great Moto/Kart design

+ Easy to share your Gameplay

+ Camera works perfectly when, technically you are racing upside down.

Would Like:

More sprint races like Mount Wario

More Tracks

Customizable HUD

A greater variety of characters

Here’s a video of my first win online.


Gameplay Pitch:

I would have added some special modes to unlock features, since sliding is so important in Mario Kart games, some mini game distractions like having to try and slide the more you can to get more points and unlock features or stamps/trophies would be nice and give an overall distraction from the game. Since the tracks are quite limited this would add some variety, along with the battle mode for example.

I’d like to give a try at track creation mode in Mario Kart

Mario Kart proved, once again that remains on top of the genre, whether you want to play online, solo or with friends at home this game is extremely fun!


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