The Dawn of Home Console – Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros – NES

Gameplay Successes:

+ Running with the press of one of the buttons making the game faster and more exciting

+ Being able to kill most of the enemies with the simple press of a button (Flower Mario – fire balls) or jump makes it simple but fun.

+ 100 Coins giving a life

+ Variety of enemies, not being able to kill them in the same way, some you can kill them with a jump, others only with Fire Ball and there are others impossible to kill.

+ Swimming was a very nice feature and it was easy to pick up

+ No instructions needed, very intuitive game, one button to run another to jump.



– Glitches or bugs that made the game beatable in an easier way.

– Shortcuts were too big; I believe that jumping from level 1 to 4 and from 4 to 8 ruins a bit of the experience, these should have been left out in my opinion.

– Points serve no purpose; I would implement a life system (even if there was already one with the coins or remove the points)

– The flag does not serve a purpose as well, it gives points, but since points are almost useless to, there’s no reason to fall at the top, bottom or middle of the flag

– Always the same boss, it became a bit too repetitive, it only added a bit of difficulty with spitting fire or sending hammers, but having Bowser at the end of each level seemed like “all seen before”.

– Final castles all looked alike, there could have been more modifications


  • There was no real ending except a phrase of thank you at the end
  • Small rooster of enemies, there some variations of the same enemies such as goombas or koopas, but there could have been more.
  • Losing a flower by being hit by an enemy and becoming immediately small seemed a punishment too harsh.
  • Shortcuts are way too rewarding, getting to the last level by only playing 4 levels is too easy.

Would Like:

o   Double Jump feature, added in more recent games, opens up new opportunities and challenges.

o   More power-ups, would bring more options regarding enemies, there could have been enemies only defeated by a certain power up.

o   3 stages of life, Power-up – Big – Small when hit by an enemy, Mario would become tiny immediately, the middle stage seems fair.

o   More variety of enemies

o   A scoreboard for the points earned, or lives earned after X-amount of points earned.


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