Multiplayer Video Game Analysis


Guardians of Middle-Earth – MMOBA PS3

 Gameplay Successes:

+ Button set up with the wished attacks or moves, making it easy to use and a fast way to chose any move.

+ Character pacing is well balanced between the slower and faster characters, making it a strategy element, when choosing if a faster or slower character.

+ Basic classes known over the years, nothing to add here, makes it simple for MMORPG starters

+ Classic Tolkien characters, making players going to the characters they prefer and with whom they connect in the world of the Lord of the Rings

+ Use of minions to help during the game is a good feature, making the battles more intense.


– Server issues, sometimes it takes way too long to connect to a game, more money should be invested into having more stable servers.

– There are only two types of map with one or three paths, more maps could be added to bring a larger variety and more strategies between players and teams

– Small amount of characters in the beginning, making the game very limited in terms of choices

– Confusing set of potions to chose from, it should transformed into a simpler menu with better and more clear definitions

– Glitches and freezing times during the game, this should be patched and fixed, because it ruins the experience for the players





  • The fact that you have to buy some characters demotivates some of the players
  • The limited settings and maps brings the experience to a repetitive stage, at some point, players believe it’s always the same
  • There should be more incentive so that players pick up other characters, we see over and over again the main characters from the story, such as Legolas, Gandalf, Aragorn and so on…
  • Enemy characters seem too unattractive to the players, it seems that hero teams are always more complete with players and don’t need CPU characters.

Would Like:

o   A mode where players could regroup and discuss live strategy or chat that is more users friendly

o   Unlocking of characters through leveling up instead of currency exchange.

o   More prizes per victory, some victories don’t give any self-accomplishment.

o   Larger customization for example accessories or clothes



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