A Highly Rated Game Analysis… Pokemon Red


Pokémon – Red Version (Gameboy) – 10/10 IGN Masterpiece | 9.3 IGN Users Rating | 87.86% from Game Rankings – Based on 21 Reviews

Gameplay Successes:

+ Catching Pokémon with poke balls – simple and clear, having to lower the wild Pokémon energy and throw a poke ball to catch it, the greater the power of the Poke Ball (GreatBall, UltraBall, MasterBall) the easier it is to catch it, it’s simple and intuitive.

+ Turn-based fighting system was the best solution for the Game Boy’s power, it makes the fighting more strategic

+ Only an action per turn makes the game more intense and the planning more important: i.e. think carefully when using an object because you won’t be able to use a Pokémon move, if you are in a difficult situation, one little mistake could make the difference between winning and losing

+ Variety of items makes the game more fun and personal, each one invests in the Pokémon he thinks will benefit more, you can improve attack, defense, health and so on…

+ Wide variety of Pokémon at that point (150) made this game extremely huge for that time and with a lot of options

+ Perfect amount of Pokémon in a team (6) makes it more important to balance out your team with types.

+ Many different types of Pokémon make the perfect RPG, having to carefully strategize on how your team will be built

+ Exchange system to complete the Pokédex was a great innovation.

+ Shortcut (select) to use an item was extremely useful if the same item was used frequently.

+ Use of PC to store Pokemon so players don’t lose them was a great system and it worked perfectly because there were computers all over the world, so you could change your party often – same worked for items


– Characters speed, the trainer walked slowly, further in the game a bicycle was given but it was upsetting having to select the bike every time; this issue was already fixed in recent games with running shoes that make the character walk faster without having to chose a bicycle

– Item organization was confusing; everything in the same bag, players would spend a lot of time looking for a particular item if their bag was full, issue addressed in new games, with different compartments for the items.

– Secret moves such as H&M’s weren’t a very annoying feature, because the player had to chose a Pokemon that could learn Flash for example to enter a dark cave, even if he didn’t wish that Pokemon on his or her party. This issue could be addressed by making those moves a Pokemon Trainer feature, as long as he has them, he could use them without the use of a particular Pokemon.

– Although it’s a Pokemon’s feature, I believe that Gym Champions having an exclusive type, makes the game easy when it comes to combats with the CPU, from the second or third gym champion, there is no real challenge until the Elite 4


  • Wild Pokemon appeared, at some points, with a ridiculous frequency (caves are the best example of this)
  • Use of the Old Rod to only catch Magikarp makes that Rod almost useless because you can catch higher level Magikarps with other rods
  • The fact that you only have one opportunity to catch some Pokemon (Legendary or Snorlax) makes them unique and gives a great sense of accomplishment after catching them.
  • Feeling that some Pokémon became overpowered at some point in the game and that the CPU trainers had no chance to win
  • No real purpose in having Pokemon Safari

Would Like:

o   Starters catchable further in the game – that would not hurt the exchange system if other Pokemon were exclusive.

o   More variety of wild Pokémon, it seems like you are seeing the same over and over again, 150 Pokemon gives enough quantity to have a greater variety.

o   More types – As there are now

o   A larger amount of moves usable by Pokemon because the H&M’s occupy one space

o   Abandoning H&M’s use on Pokemon

o   A darker story involving Pokemon and not just a kid wanting to be a champion.


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