Memorable Designs


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

+ Liked the locking system, it was easier to throw things such as bows, boomerangs and so on to hit targets, it also kept us with an eye on the foe at constant times

+ Liked the zoom view to look around, we could better observe the environment

+ Liked that we had to play the ocarina with the C, A and B buttons, made the controller look like a real Ocarina

+ Liked the fact that in one controller we could have several objects listed in the C buttons, making it quicker to select.

– – Major dislike to the fact that we had to enter the menu to select gear (i.e. swords, boots and tunics) for the simple reason that it made the Water Temple a game industry nightmare. -> Issue fixed on the 3DS


Pokémon Red(GameBoy)

+ Liked the simple method of using two buttons A and B for almost every action

+ Liked the option of giving an item to the Select Button, make it quicker to reach (I used for the Bike)

+ Liked the walking freedom with the D-Pad around the Pokémon World.

+ Liked the possibility of changing Pokemon through the Link Cable.

– Disliked the impractical use of HM, because we had to have a Pokemon with that move in our party, if we didn’t we’d have to go to a Pokecenter to retrieve one from the PC, it could take long to do that.


Championship Manager 01/02(PC)

+ Liked that we could control a whole football team through some clicks and make the decisions as a coach.

+ Liked that we could set the prices on contracts, transfers, tickets and everything involving the club.

+ Liked that I could train two clubs at the same time or play with another friend, everything from the same computer

–       Disliked the quantity of Menus, made it look like I missed a lot of options

–       Club’s budget at the beginning of the game seemed unrealistic (for the bad for some, and too good for others).


Heavy Rain(PS3)

+ Liked that we could do a characters actions as if we were in real life

+ Liked the fact of being part of a movie and following the directions on the screen with simplicity

+ Liked that that kind of gameplay made people that didn’t enjoy video games so much, could have a game experience as if they were in a movie

+ Liked that with a simple push of a button we could transform the story’s ending into something different

+ User friendly controls for beginners

–       Disliked that the game was limited in regards to gameplay, for more experienced gamers, even if there could be a harder difficulty as long as you knew what buttons to push before hand, it would become easy.

–       Disliked the slow motion of the characters, the game seemed too slow.


Super Mario 64(N64)

+ Liked the triple jump with the press of three times A button, making us able to reach high places

+ Liked long jump and backflip

+ Liked the quantity of different levels and how each one could have a good amount of variations

+ Liked the sliding levels, which made a platform game look like a racer at a few points in the game

+ Liked the use of the joystick to beat the boss

–       Disliked the camera, some close ups where horrible, and some levels you couldn’t move the camera, making some movements more difficult at certain angles.

–       Disliked the use of the Cape with wings, controlling it was tricky and unfriendly.


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