The Perfect Clan or Guild

I’ve chosen a particular MMORPG that I like, DCUniverse Online. I was also going for The Lord of The Rings, but I’ve decided to focus on DC UO because it has a bit less fame that the major ones like Warcraft, Everquest or Diablo.


In DC UO we do not talk about clans, but leagues. Leagues are basically the same as clans, but it makes reference to the Justice League, a group of well known super heroes that include Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and so on. The game is based on the DC Universe, that is why they are called Leagues.


Leagues help your economic status because when you are in a League and at the max lv (30), you have new missions that open up, to get new items, money and power ups. Being in a League certainly improves your economic status because you become stronger. However if you are not at max level, you can take harder missions and level up much quicker.


Personally I play a bit differently when I’m in a group because I don’t want to fail the group. I like to strategize and be the most helpful that I can. When I’m playing alone I tend to rush in like a brute sometimes and don’t really care about what’s around me. However in a group there is a reputation to gain or maintain as a League so I like to “behave” and work towards the group benefit.


If we talk about the perfect league, it’s hard to tell what is the perfect League. I think it’s the one that works perfectly, where all the members fit in with a particular role/task and they perform it to perfection. I think that there has to be one or two leaders to guide the group, to give a path of strategy, even if everyone is a part of the league, there should be one “representative” that ultimately makes the decisions and keeps the group united… I think the best way to keep people in a group is to find enjoyment for everyone; there are missions that ones find more boring that others, so there should be a nice balance so that everyone is satisfied.


The best way to determine who joins is to keep an eye on some players and invite them. You shouldn’t accept entrance from unknown players because they may not be dedicated or even care that much.  Communications among clan members and battles with other clans may influence the performance of a clan.  They may want to join a League for one particular mission or trophy and will give up right after. That is not beneficial and does not keep the League united. I’d ban those who don’t work for the team, who are always against the decisions and that create a bad environment between the team. A clan, league or guild works like a team, in any sports, if you have someone who doesn’t row in the same direction as the team, and then they should be invited to leave. A League should have a certain posture or “code” that everyone follows, all in favor of the League.


I would use division of labor in my League because it’s the best way to have an efficient group. Some are expert fire users or Ice, some fly and others run extremely fast, if you give a task to someone that fits their skill, and then you will optimize the efficiency in the missions. For example keep healers away from battle so they don’t get hurt, and keep the strong in front. Maybe make those who fly go first because they can hurt the opponents from a distance, or hit them and quickly leave. Every special ability is important like in any firm, which is why it would be beneficial to the economy of the group, to its efficiency. What could happen in a negative way is people getting bored of the same role every time, that is why some variety has to be found so that every one is satisfied.


To conclude I think the perfect include should include: A balance between the levels of the players, so that missions aren’t too easy or too hard for some members and a variety of skills to take on any mission/situation. People with the personality that fits the intent of the group in the game…


Thank you for reading,


Gonçalo Pereira


Sources: Lee, H., Choi, J., Kim, J., Park, S., & Gloor, P. (2013). Communication, Opponents, and Clan Performance in Online Games: A Social Network Approach. Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking, 16(12), 878-883. doi:10.1089/cyber.2011.0522


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