Game Analysis


This is a simple game that brings us back to the exploring Worlds of the 8-bit systems, where with just a couple of buttons you can have loads of fun. This map style feels a lot like Castlevania where you can explore from top to bottom and from left to right.

The designer kept us interested by making the map different in every corner. This confuses the player but makes him want to explore more because every area is so different and with a different challenge. The purpose is always the same, find every diamond, however you have different puzzles, methods and paths to reach them which makes the game versatile and avoids boredom. The further you move deeper in the map, the more challenging it gets too. You first have little monsters and then a few devices that shoot bullets.  This was a great idea, because when you have little to work with, variety is key so that the player doesn’t get bored and this is achieved here.

The choice of a sci-fi looking set is also interesting because it seems that players will be more involved since they will enter the skin of the character. It’s much better for the player’s sense of adventure if you make him an astronaut instead of a random guy in a house looking for his wife’s jewels for example. You are an astronaut, you are an explorer and adventurer: In a simple game like this, it’s very important to have something that hooks you, and exploring as an astronaut for diamonds, is the key.

It was nice to have this jump back to NES-style games and have this much fun with such simplicity.

Super Crate Box:

This game is by far the one I most enjoyed in the last four weeks! It’s addictive, fast-paced and packed with action! It’s a genuine retroaction game, where it appeals to all the senses of the player, a nice mix of sharp reflexes, keen eye and a lot of fun. The designer did an amazing job, because it also brings us back to the difficulty of games “back in the day”. I just finished GTA V, and I thought it was incredibly easy game, that didn’t bring that much innovation and then this simple game with a low budget comes along in the same week and actually makes me have more fun than the “super-large, multimillion budget game full with amazing graphics”. Ironic isn’t it? Super Crate Box, gives us the ability to change weapon every time a crate falls from the sky, to achieve a new level you have to catch a certain number of crates, while at the same time avoiding monsters or killing them with the given weapon.

The challenge is in the quantity of monsters and speed that they come at you, and the only way you reach the next levels, is doing what you did in the 8-bit era: training by doing. Trying over and over again. This is a nice change of pace of the recent games. The levels are good to look at, colorful which gives us a nice perspective of the game. This was a game I downloaded, and I will probably keep playing it for a while, thank you.


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