Game Analysis

I Wish I Were the Moon

The simplicity of this game hides its complexity. The game shows a small boy on the moon and a girl daydreaming of having the boy’s love. The designers want to show us that our decisions can affect the outcome of a relationship, as in many games; the choices you make sometimes will affect the ending. It can be happy or sad, alone or with company, the designers make the players chose what will be the outcome to this small interaction and show us that sometimes life can be cruel and you are left alone and other times you accomplish your dreams. The characters looked cute and were nicely crafted and the music fit perfectly in this slow paced, calm and peaceful game but with a nice message behind it. They make us feel certain tranquility with this game, which is transmitted by the music, the nice background or the sound of the harp (you will have to finish a certain ending to hear this). This game was certainly a very nice surprise.

Don’t **** your pants

This game was incredible, I found myself trying to find all the endings for this hilarious game, with such simplicity the designers make us laugh and understand that any task, as simple as going to the toilet, can have obstacles like PULLING a door, which was ridiculous, I couldn’t-t open the door at first so I just took off the pants and defecated on the floor. It was a nice combination of old school text games and pixelated graphics. This game shows us that even a game as simple as this one can give us a sense of achievement, did you feel pride when you finally understood the steps to go to the toilet properly? I did, and found myself wanting to find all the possible solutions to the problem. This is a nice message too, no problem is unsolvable, and if you can’t open the door, just do it there. This makes us understand that sometimes the simplest task can be transformed in a mind game and makes us think about something that should be instinctive. When you go to the toilet, and it’s closed, do you do it on the floor? You knock, or pull the door. These designers made us think and took a logical approach to something as simple and instinctive as going to the toilet. It was clever and funny.

These two games show the power of imagination and how we can, with a simple background and one or two characters make several endings and even have that sense of achievement gamers look for in a game! On one side we have the emotional content of the couple and the other we have the comedy of a bald guy trying not to shit his pants. These two games show that designers can be powerful in the sense that can create an amazing experience with little material; it all comes from the mind and how far we can stretch your imagination. If someone told you: Make a game with two characters, a moon and a bird that flies around, what would you pull off? These games made me think outside the box and I’m really glad that they are pushing our imaginations further and we are extending our boundaries.

Thank you for reading,

Goncalo Pereira


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